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OB OBrien - Hazelton Trump lyrics

[Produced by Nineteen85]

It's everywhere, don't run from it...
Go towards it, It is your friend...

[Verse 1: OB O'BRIEN]
Uh, I know this girl, I call her Hazelton Trump
She dates them boys that wrap them things up in their trunk
She'd date that rapper that'd be hot for like that month
She'd date that baller, she be clappin' when he dunk
Uh, He'll just take her out to lunch
She make the checklist, get her whatever she want
And she yours...
Yeah, Oh Lord
Waiting on your ass naked, all fours
Wow, And when you're bored
She get a girl and let you fuck it and record

[Hook: Nicki Minaj] x2
Fuck it and record
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Fuck it and record
Fuck it and record
Fuck it and record

[Verse 2: OB O'BRIEN]
All my women friends got benefits, they do
I'm on a pill that make me feel like I'm on Limitless, it do
I'm on that right after September shit
And she know I'm on that right before November hits, OVO
I pay my dues, it's paying dividends, it do
I mean I might make some money on some different shit
But back to the matter at hand
I'm in Montreal but it's looking like it's Cannes
Bitch you know that it's a movie, Yeah, I don't understand
Voulez-vous WHAT? She talkin' bout bandz
Do they do WHAT? Wow, well, God damn
Thought about for a minute then I pass it to my man
And I heard they let him

[Hook: Nicki Minaj] x2

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