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O.V. Wright - A Nickel And A Nail lyrics

Oh, I once had love
And a plenty of money, oh, yes I did
But someway, somehow
Lord knows I failed, yes I did

Now all I have
In my pocket, Lord have mercy
All I can give account of
Is a nickel and a nail

I wanna say it one more time
All, all I have is a nickel and a nail

My friends, no, no, no, no
They just don't know, Lord have mercy
They still down in their hearts
They think I'm doing swell, but they don't know

'Coz around them I smile
And I jingle, yes I do
All you hear me jingling
Is a nickel and a nail, that's all it is

Now a nickel and a nail
Might save my pride, you see
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But the need for your sweet love, oh, baby
Is hammering inside of me, oh

You said a long time ago
You think the thrill is gone, I couldn't believe it
You said O.V. I think you better hit
That old lonesome, lonesome, lonesome trail, I got to leave you

Oh, baby, I'm wondering
How do you expect for me to make it? I don't believe I will
Oh, I can't make it, can't make it far
With a nickel and a nail, that's all I have

Oh I can't sleep
All I got baby, is a nickel and a nail
If I get lonely
I can spin a nickel, they will spin

If I get in trouble, if I get in [Incomprehensible]
I will have enough money to call my baby
Oh, baby, oh, you left me with the people and me

I can't go too far
Oh, baby, baby, I can't go too far
A nickel and a nail

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