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O The Architect - My My My The Remix lyrics

Verse 1 (O The Architect) Now I've been known for pulling hoes, some sluts I suppose
But this one hey I had to do for all you round the globe
Them real fine women in linen and short skirts
That give play to Joe Dirt
Cause well hey at least he works
Now there's so many games we play
While out here getting pay
Just like chasing that tale though sometimes it gets away
Blame it on my Cali Wayz
Cause only in L.A.
Can we find the greatest selection from half a world away
See we got Asian, Persian, all Latina Queens,
Mexican Princesses and Europe women are some freaks!
Some Black and White treats
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No telling what you'll meet
We even got a little Tokyo if you like Japanese so come on! Hook (Rankin Ruff) Way dat yuh dress a mek dem man dem want yuh. Girl yuh really wanna mek me say "My My My My" What's your name I really want to meet yuh. Wait a minute girl I gotta say "My My My My" The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you wind, the way you rock, mek me want to say "My My My My" Me love your smile not to mention profile baby girl just come my way "My My My My" Verse 2 (O The Architect) So where's my East Coast Ladies!?
My West Coast Ladies!
I had to the remix cause ladies you drive me crazy
With all this B.S. I got to deal with everyday
It's nice to know I got somebody when it's time to play
Now let's go get away
Like sun tan and spray
I'll be all over your body like tattoos on my chest
Baby let's take a cruise
Caribbean's the mood
We could travel to Jamaica or Miami in June
It's a summertime affair
And I want to see you here
In those two piece and thongs shaking that Derri

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