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(MC Hammer talking) Our Father, which art in heaven Hallowed be thy Name Thy kingdom come, thy will be done On earth, as it is in heaven Give us this day, our daily bread And forgive us our debt As we forgive our debtors Lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory In Jesus' name Amen (Chorus x2) So long, so long so long I hope to see you again (Verse One: Busstop) I never got a chance to say goodbye I could've made it to the funeral, I won't lie But I didn't want to see my homie laying that way Now I regret not paying respects to this day Cause its hard to accept I'll never see u again Not only true homies, we were best of friends I hope u understand my pain and grief Cause I can feel u up there looking down on me Now I need to get somewhere so I can think I'm going to the graveyard to pour my homies a drink I sip the liquor, snip a rose and lay it on the gra** And never in my life have I felt so bad It's Saturday night, I'm at the gravesite Sitting by the tomb stone holding a flash light The scene is cold I got sweated in my palm I'm hurting so inside I feel so i drop the bomb Lil' Jay could of been more than nineteen Now it seems every night he's in my dreams O.F.T.B. means operating from the bottom with a tribute to the homies that's gone (Chorus x2) (Verse Two: FlipSide) A lot of my homies died from gang affiliations While others die from, imitation But I ain't tripping, I learn from my losses From gang banging u got's to pay the causes You only live once, so live it to the fullest A lot of my homies, they died by the bullet Tony ?? not a convict Just a gangster who grew up in the projects A big daddy, is what he drove Back then, to me it was a Roll's Top Gold, he wore it on his clothes He had a gangster live on pose Just keeping it real so don't set trip Much love from the Low, the Bus, the Flip (O.F.T.B.) If you ever in Watts take a look at the wall Dedicated for love dogg for all of y'all (Chorus x2) (Verse Three: Low MB) I remember everyday, I use to play With my n***as Ros Bowlow and Lil' Jay But now they gone and I forgot And homies is crazy real, and still plotting I know one day I'm going to have to meet my end But that's the day I hope we all gon' meet again And give each other big love at the crossroads It's hell on earth so I'm hoping Heavens your World I'm still chilling, with Flip and Bustop I hope y'all chilling, with T.C. scoop with Chop And all he other, homies that a n***a miss For every candle, I blow out you know I wish That we was all getting high, parle and trip And have some laughs about the good times we use to have Back in the days when we was all doing real bad And right now a n***a trying to get his money right But y'all know me yo, it's still tight I never thought, we'd have to say goodbye This kind of sh** bring tears to a gangsters eyes But the Low, you know I'm going to be strong I won't say goodbye, I'm saying so long (Chorus x2) (Verse Four: MC Hammer) I know we done all lost a friend before A victim to the game in these street wars But we gotta remember, we all gotta die No matter what you do you can't escape your fate David ?? was a warrior, a soldier You had to pay attention to the game that he told you A dark night when he lost his life Full of than drink he couldn't put up a fight So he slipped on over to the darkness My homie, my Uncle, my dearly departed I shed tears cause I wish he was here (He never see his Nephew get to make it up here) 25 when he took his last breathe He barley had lived, and he had to come and see d**h I can't explain all the pain that I feel ?? yeah that's real (Chorus) So long, so long so long I hope to see you again So long, so long so long I hope to see you again So long, so long so long I hope to see you again I hope to see my homies one day soon To my Grandfather Willie James, my Auntie Rest In Peace To all my Nephews (To my big homie Big Jay y'all rest in peace)

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