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Intro: (inhaling) My last time gettin' high Verse 1: Fallin' in love ain't no joke Some praise dope like the Catholic praise the pope I'm looking at my life thrugh the hour gla** How much longer in this world will I last Boostin' basein' one of the cops chasin' Big time I be facin' in need of a vacation Got hooked in a year, never kicked the habit First day on the streets I still had to have it (body and soul) Back on the scene a full fleded fiend Pull a scheme and get high by all means A quarter spoon a day is my medicene I ain't never had a high that was better than When I'm nodding drifting in my own zone I wanna be left all alone Some front like they high, but they ain't high The ultimate high is when you die Hook: Please tell me why. I'm hooked on this dope It's got me feeling out of control I can't deny (no no) that I need help It's taking over my body and soul body and soul Verse 2: Being addicted to this dope makes me wonder Will it be another dose that'll take me under Or another dope fiend with the same habit Puttin' a knife in my back like a street savage And the road that I travel is a dark route From one stop to another then the jail house It seems that I'm waiting on my day to pa** Methodul is what I'm on no I can't last (body and soul) As I withdraw dripped with sweat to make it through the night But trying to kick this freakin' habit is a strong fight I seen my girl overdose it's been 3 days Impuleses convulses send me in a daze I can hear 2Pac tellin' me to be strong But my n***a got stoned and left us out here alone I know I gots to quit before my future unfolds This sh** got the best of my body and soul Hook "Picture your dreams on a triple beam" "And it seems, don't underestimate the power of a fiend" Verse 3: I'm lost and turned out, do anything for a fix Dying slow and can't seem to kick the habit Shot up so much dope I can't fing a good vein But when I ain't high my whole bodys in pain So everyday I'm searching for that dogs food A lost sould in the ghetto like a whirlpool In a shack with 5 other dope fiends Who got tracks damn near lower than a Soul Train And it's a shame cause all it took was one hit Straight to the vein now they got a n***a losin' it A true hustler having money turned junky I wanna stop but they say I can't shake the monkey Off my back, I even tried to go cold turkey But all it did was make me fiend more and mentally hurt me Quickly running out of time I got to watch the clock So on McDownly Street caught up in Gridlock'd Hook (x2)

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