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Hook: CRACK let me at 'em let me at 'em let me at 'em So I CRACK let me at 'em let me at 'em let me at 'em Although about a million to this sh** to be tooken out And for you fools who let us in good lookin' out Now let us make our doe don't want no one enfore this Lookin' out for all our n***as who support this And for you motherfucers waitin' for that break up The Bottom is creepin' to the top you better wake up Because an obstacle is not impossible We'll go over or crawl under like a rock-a-roach And don't you ever think you fools are gonna play us Because again not even Raid couldn't fade us I fought us in and now we goin' for that platinum Comin' back with album three you know we crackin' 'em Hook (x3) In 1983 we was upstate We wasn't thinkin' about parole we had x-dates I put the P into paper to free my mind Once a n***a get released I gotta get mine I never knew I had to struggle in this industry But stop rockin' the mic they said it couldn't be So in the meantime the inbetween time I kept writting in the hall where it's cold Cause I couldn't sto fight Five years later I hit the streets I found my n***as we got it together flowin' on T.V We had to come up with some money cause the sh** costs (Who broke it off?) My n***a G.T. and the motherf**in' boss We made song after song for the b**hes and the homies While y'all was at home lookin' at videos of the phonies Now the Bottom is comin' back with a k**ing flow So make room for a n***a on d**h Row And let us... Hook Talking: Project kids three n***as living on the edge In other words we're damn near dead But hunters don't choke we go for broke And y'all thought it was over They say it ain't over till the fat lady sings What that ho don't know nothin' about the noise that I bring Let that ho rock that note and I'm a k**er her (k** her) If that snipe got hype off that Miller Tickin' like time bomb (BOOM) I'm dangerous straight up watch you motherf**ers can't f** with us Come around and get beat down or either shot down In other words don't f** around I'm stressin' to the max I'm stressin' to the max I knew I shouldn't of signed that motherf**in' contract But all I wanted to do was put my voice on a track Never thought my album hit a flip flop f*g A flip flop gag a flip flop f*g They let a n***a for dead but we got against that They put me on a sound they put me on a sound They said I'm gonna rule but they already left So tackin' a rapper a n***a had no patience I'm crackin' motherf**ers with no hesitation Hook

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