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Nu - Fool lyrics

Don't be no fool
Holding on to the things that hurt you most
A ball and chain around your feet
Smelling nostalgia defeat
And when you were young
With fleeting feet
Dancing away
Always in the flow always in the beat
And like lights show, yourself you could be, free from all worries
You've come so far
Got a bright little star, shining the way
So keep hiding that pearl
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Don't live in that shadow
All our words are lost in the wind and all my love goes to perish
Anything i do, if i could help you ill try and not hurt you
Don't be no fool i know your'e not no fool
It is you it is you its what is most of me and you
I feel for you, in letting go
Be sure its not for show and tell
But my words and my gestures just like piss in the wind, and keep on getting wet
So I won't be no fool
I won't let you hurt
I won't be no fool
I do, I do, i do, I do...

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