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Ntk - Man Of The Year lyrics

[Ntk Chorus:]

Ey i'm the man of the year (year)(x2)
Them boys the mans of the month
On a real brother like moi
Man them boys could never stunt (stunt)
Ey i'm the man of the year (year)
I've chased my dreams I made it clear (clear)
Now tell me who I got to fear
I be like, I be like, I be like motha F my peers nigga!

[Ntk verse 1:]

Man of the year, you the man of the month
Man of the year, you the man of the week
Verse too weak can't compete with me
Call me school boy q once I'm on this beat
They said I'm the boy with no IQ
Told em Q the mic up just watch what I do
Lyrically kill em
Fill em with lyricism
Moment that the beat in my position
I'm Kobe with the verse i can not pass it
I kill the track, I left it quite tragic
Never been into hoes that been acting ratchet
Or really hoes at all
That ain't my goal at all
I'm just tryna take my mommy out the hood
And all Vision so clear
Call my verse Chlorine
Verse so hard
Knock out you like morphine and
One time for God cause he deserve the glory
Yes I do go by Ntk but on the track call me ATK
Cause the beat I am aiming to kill
I am a boy sent from heaven but lyrically yes I stay giving them hell
I am rebel I'm am at levels that
Meek mill didn't even preach
And you ain't even reach Boy!


[GnarlyCharly & Ntk verse 2]

[GC] Gnasty in the building cue the choir
You a liar if you saying i ain't bout to spew some fire
Red-rum on the mic but a nigga don't drink
Going dumb in the booth like a nigga don't think
And this shit here slap but a nigga won't flinch
I aim for the top and they aiming for mine
Either run with the dot or be a stain, that's fine
Either head for the hills or you're head over heels
Cause the man of the year gon dead your career
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Got the fam over here
Bring some fans up in here, cause these niggas here sweating
Yea these niggas here stressing
Walk in the booth and i'm leaving a mess
Ill be deaf till my death and i guess i'm a threat
[Ntk] That boy a threat, I'm a lyrical tec
Mess with me, its a technical
Hit you with syllables that be so lyrical
[GC] Condition be critical
[Ntk] pray to God cause y'all niggas be so spiritual
Man of the week? Man of the month? Man of the year? Man of the millennium!
These niggas the mans of the week cause they verses too week so they never compare to our winning streak
[GC] I'm on a killing streak
Either you feeling me or you be fearing me
Hope that you hearing me
[Ntk] you taking a peak at the best
I can tell that you're pissed
So why don't you go take a leak


[Ntk verse 3]

Lyrical trigga aiming at all you niggas
Word to Opa I don't compete with like none of you niggas
All y'all whack and need to face facts
That you plus a beat will never be good math
Only time you should be rapping is Christmas
So please with tryna diss you can Dismiss
How you gon claim i'm shit then next month
Hit me up like “you the shit And I need a verse and shit"
No you need a nurse to help you deal with your bullshit
And no this is not no drill music this is ill music i use it to express through to it

One time for the God
Of the year

& Two times for the mama
Of the year

& Three times for the dad of
The year

& Four times for the brother of the

& Five times for the sister
Of the year

And six times for the squad of the year

& one time for myself
Cuz I'm looking at everything I did this year
Like gotdamn you the "Man Of The Year"

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