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Nox Aurea - The Funeral Of All lyrics

Primeval supremacy of divine
Swept the cold forsaken universe
The ma**es drowns in oceans of blood
Empires falls, enclosing by ashes
Human life descends into nothing
And there was silence...
I listen to the beautiful sound
Of a crying God in hopeless despair
As tears of doom raining from the sky
The time has come for all to die
I gaze at the gloomy world
In dismal shape of night
The culture of man lies bleak
In a frozen and desolate wasteland
Empty streets, fading screams
Abandoned and forever vanished
I realize, everything is gone
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The funeral of all
The grand precipitation of truth
Purifies the filth of Cosmos everlastingly
Weak life, the light of a lone second
Amid the liberation of eternities
Wherever I walk the world lies in ruins
And human blood stains the ground
What I see is a dying world of misery
My vision of bliss is now absolute
At last, I can rest in peace...
This, the worlds last chapter
Everything feels so complete
Only me and soundless d**h remains
Surrounded by silent bareness
As I leave this aeon of sorrow behind
I enjoy my very last breath
And with a smile I walk...

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