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Novo - They Call Me lyrics

Bitches be riding on that good shit
Riding on that triple 777 old shit
Ha, I ride for my hittas
I'd die for my hittas ohh
You know you now rockin' with a real G
No guitar, no strings, I don't play b
Ha, I ride for my hittas
I'd die for my hittas ohh

[Verse 1 - NOVO]
They say money is the power so I'm feeling like Bruce
Banner, when I cash out, make these bitches get loose
Rollin with my Gs, yeah you know we got the juice
They ain't rate us back then now they fucking with the crew
Fucking with the crew, yeah they fucking with the crew
Don't ask me how I do it, I just do it how I do
When you comin' in my city better get your friends too
We the realest in the city, baby you know how it goes


[Verse 2 - GJ Caesar]
Caesar yeah, they call me brainless
And absurd, observe the words as I emerge and begin to say this
Kinda like a missile with these I'm words saying
I simply reload my weapons with verbs and then I start spraying
These metaphors are like a sword or a knife
I'm burning the pen and the pad when I write, I see a shawty in sight
I'm straight cuffin, ass-smacking and touching
I'm bank-robbing and dodging, kill and fill em up with venomous lines
Powerful minds, thoughts you'd never imagine
We ruling with passion, got my own style, ain't following fashion
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Now all these niggas mad at me
Since 16, I lost count of rappers I've made casualties
I'm gone

[Refrain - NOVO]
Yeah I'm gone
Yeah I'm gone
Tell me who I am
Tell me who I am

[Verse 3 - T-Skillz]
T-Skillz, yeah they call me crazy
Cause I put 'em in a coffin without diving in a grocery store
I'm that black William Wallace when it comes to a war
Fuck around and have the city looking like it's Baltimore
Me and my niggas hungry, we say fuck a table manner
We coming straight for that bread cause we gotta feed this hunger
Turn into a ghost with some black ops right beside me
With my face mask on and I ain't talking bout Jim Carrey
I'll let you bask in this chapter, conversations with laughter
The kush sparking it off, CO2 in a gas mask
Had sex with an atheist now she calling me a demigod
Yeah, you know Hercules about to swing his sword or hammer
You don't wanna tamper with this flow cause they finna shock ya
My niggas will rush ya for top dollar, they finna devour ya
And I pray that the good Lord bless 'em
And if I ever sneeze, best believe they coming for ya
I'm gone

[Refrain - NOVO]


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