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Novo - Reckless lyrics

[Verse 1]
Still on this Henny wave
'Bout to catch another wave
Girl, you you you you
Don't know all the shit that I've been through
You'll probably say the same thing
But you the reason all these bottles empty
Lonely nights be so long
Signs and habits of a fucking loner
I'm done fucking with these practice bitches
I don't know one
I was reckless, I was stupid, baby I was so young
Girl, I swear I'm down to be a man, I'ma grow up
Girl I promise, baby I'ma show ya
I pour all my feelings on my song now
Pass the message on my song now
Lately I been calling you but you ain't picking up your phone Ohhh no no

So I'ma be ridin' with ya
Cruisin' down the old street vibin' wit ya
Taking pictures lowkey, smilin' wit ya
Used to come and see me in my old crib
We got down and freaky
Couple shots of Henny and we drowning in it
Throw up, pour up, lots of liquor
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We go for hours till we can't go no more

[Verse 2]
'Member we was drivin' to the studio
Bumpin Trilogy and then The Rodeo
Oh my conscience
Let me tell you how the story goes
Got this one shawty always blowin' up my cellphone
Girl read the message on my phone
Saying are you home or can you come tomorrow
Then she told me straight up it was over
Same girl that I told her I was over


I'm the one that caused my pain for seeing her when I had you
I feel like the sky is falling, heart is aching
Ohhh my girl

[Hook x2]

Ridin wit ya
I'ma be vibin' wit ya
I'ma be smilin' wit ya
I'ma be smilin' wit ya

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