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[Hook - NOVO]
IVRINCITYTRIP right now, faded with my hittas and its all lit
Pull up in the whip right now, windows all up so its all lit, yeah
Baby you should come to my city
Show you how we can get jiggy, shawty
Maybe I can spend a couple of fiftys
I can be the genie to your wishes shawty

[Verse 1 - T-Skillz]
Round here you can get it for the low low
I came from the motherfucking bottom
Riding through the city on the low low
This shit be like Sodom and Gomorrah
Please do not fuck with the code
Jump on my fit and do road
Fuck with the crew you get smoked
Fuck with the crew you get smoked
Like I took a toke
Skiller gang, what? IVRINCITY coming for the top spot
All my niggas getting dough, I said yeah we coming for the top spot shawty

[Bridge 1 - T-Skillz]
IVRINCITYTRIP right now aye

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[Verse 2 - T-Skillz]
Quarterback, quarterback, Tom Brady oh
NOVO on the beat and Deezy said he got me
I be lowkey popping, making records trying hit
You can never knock the hustle cause I'm really with this shits
Windows be up and is all lit
I kill the beat, I'm the culprit, you niggas be stalking
I be in the studio, every night, late night
Working my ass till the morning, I'm IVRIN
Okay, what you know 'bout the hustle
You niggas washed up and your shit don't even lather
What I'm worried 'bout is my pockets getting fatter
And my mama leaving better, put my niggas in Margiela


[Bridge 2 - T-Skillz]
Tryna get a rollie for the wrist
Tryna get my music in this shit
My niggas; they be soldiers
So tell me is you really with this shit
Just need me some money to cop a benzo for the road
I speak with honesty, give back to society
Go back to the Genesis, that shit part of me


[Bridge 1]

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