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Novo - Flexin lyrics

Flexin' (woo!)
My nigga I'm flexin' (how you feeling nigga?)
Cause nigga I'm flexin' (woo!)
Nigga I'm flexin'

[Verse 1]
Nigga I just stepped out the 21st floor, penthouse, trap house
Fashion nigga, smell that loud when you walk through the door
Young nigga representing, from the east side, fly like propellers
Got my dealer on speed dial, my niggas in Margiela
Young nigga getting better, tryna get me hella cheddar
Money, stacks, cheese, racks, dough, guap, paper, whatever you call it uh
Third eye focused like a GoPro, can't chill with my old hoes
Blow O's, smoking up till I fuck up the ozone
Oh no, T-Skillz be so cold I'm focused
Flow stay steady cause I practice, I got this
Now I'm on the guest list, I'm flexing
Hood-smart, street-raised, Most High, give praise
Like Martin Luther, nigga had a dream
I've been shooting in the gym, flexing on these haters still, uh


[Verse 2]
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I been chasing the dream, tryna get my people on the scene
What you sow is what you reap so I've been digging in the scene
Young Skiller, I kills the beat like J Dilla
Who realer? To get that cash I'm way quicker
90s baby crazy, getting high off that wavy hazy
Ever blazing, fuck around, you ghost like you're Patrick Swayze
I've been a soldier, moving with the troops from a youngin'
If you disrespect then you can get the bussin', I'm..


Said I got it from a youngin'
Break bread with the same people I grew up with
Yeah, that's the homies you don't fuck with
Cause round here real Gs finna kick a bucket
Finna kick a bucket
T-Mac when I'm balling, feeling like a rocket
Take off to Mars, I'm fly with this shit, I'm fly with this shit

I'm flexing nigga, what you know about the hustle
Step up on the stage, it's a shutdown and shit
Make you fucks with my shit, T-Skillz I'm back on this shit
It's bout to get lit, lit like its bic, look at the flick of the wrist
NOVO on the beat, just wanna make hits
I put my heart on the beat

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