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Nosticthepoet - Lycans lyrics

VERSE 1 (AGenius)
I'll occupy your *meow* if it's vacant
Funny how she Vampire sucks me n turn team Jacob
Ocean deep in that beach that's Vacation
Commercialized dick product placement
Drop that drop that so amazin
She on the top floor, drop it to da Basement
Lookin for a Minzy to Sink ya fangs in
Best she 2ne1 or her team can see L's (CL) why (why?)
Cuz Natsu Fuji luv them Asians
But me? I got my queen wit me
Couple beasts wit me yea that acts the Team wit me
Getting green paper, you get Green envy
You came here wit cha girl n left the scene empty *kanye shrug*
Imma beast under moonlight
Sex on da balcony I beast under moonlight
Committing sins in her city wit my blade so I call her Miho
Slurp slurp no utensil get her wetter than miso
Got other rappers doin the howl ooooo
Errbody used to be all bout trees now it's all bout da bark ooooo
Shout out KG the (eye)dol bars on god mode
But Me n Nostic the other Ultra Combo
Should've called this track Saberwulves
Parentheses n all
Fuck ya words and sticks n stones
Adamantium on my bones
Starter wit the letterman
Arm on a PYT by the end of this Thriller man
My freshmen Kill veterans
Nostic's album is comin man
LGOE the Acronym
Mad Galaxy the end of them
You think that all I talk is death n reference scary movies
But if you understand the depth you'll say these lyrics move me
Nowadays to be the best ain't nothing but a duty
Cuz if I give anything less I ain't shit to these newbies
But if each single is a classic it's what I'm supposed to do
If you're in charge, you're expected to make the power moves
Can you project that? Or is it overhead...
Well here's some Migos, that remedial rap instead....

LGOE, that's the wolfpack
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
Niggas wanna push me, I'mma push back
Told ya, the freaks come out at night
Better keep yo ass inside, you ain't bout that life
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LGOE, that's the wolfpack
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
LGOE, that's the wolfpack
Niggas wanna push me, I'mma push back

VERSE 2 (nosticthepoet)
I'm your worst nightmare, makin art when you sleep
W a tongue sharp enough to strip the bark from a tree
/DANG/ criss angel with a card up a sleeve
AG + Nostic, of course it's hard to believe (4)
/OH GOD/ no but i'm painting a bigger picture
Every single verse i write is another forbidden scripture
I'd say a psalm then you'll mark me w a halo
Everybody else prolly shouldn't quit their day job (8)
I'm the greatest rapper ever, i'm completely serious
[ain't nobody better] they've just got some more experience
Or more exposure to the ppl missin all the wolf tunes
[but i'm a lycan homie] i don't even need a /full moon/ (12)
For damage and rage / i'm crack and deranged [GENIUS]
Leave the beat lookin like a body ravaged w AIDS
Too good to be true so we staying underrated
I'm a life guard reppin wolf gang amadeus (16)
It's the wordsmith
Say i'm talented but you've barely scratched the surface
Listen to me. [doctor's orders] yo, i promise that it's worth it
I'm going yam cuz i squash beets when i turnip (20)
You the jealous rootbeggas and i'm sure that pen inks
Lyrical pure gold and you're poorer than tink tink
19 bars in and i've only just begun
Nostic is the poet /but i'm not the only one (24)
Roaming across the radio seeking beats to devour
I'm the devil of the treble so you know i got the power
To make any family feud like mister hightower
High power 3's up and you know it's my hour (28)
Copy that 10-4, ask me why i do this for?
Forget a halo, you get more ladies with a pitchfork
Think i'm lying ask poseidon if a trident suits you/
Devil, in the name of jesus /POET/ i rebuke you (32)
Halelujah thank you lord /don't know what you're thanking for/
He gave me all my talent alrite /okay i'm just making sure/
I'd prolly cast you out, but i know we'll still be fightin
Deep down, everybody's gotta fight their inner lycan (36)
/fight their inner lycan?/ i ain't gon let you stay
Every time i go to church make me feel some type of way
Maybe i'll win /no/ but it's a lot of fun
Cuz nostic is the poet, but he's not the only one


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