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Nosticthepoet - Exodus 9:18 lyrics

Last time I came with a warning
I tried to make the case that race was important
And that face-to-face
Everyone's equally enslaved to the torment
Not only was that boring it's not true
We're unmatched hare like a race with a tortoise
We pass bomb collars down like heir looms
So a hook from prince of Egypt wasn't mind blowing
And neither me nor KS liked the way it was recorded
Only works when your opponent's got a conscience
And since these cops want to
Body my brothers and leave 'em full of metal like Alphonse
Here's an equivalent exchange for my performance
My people never left so now the plagues are a'forming
The hailstorm's to numb the pain. The flames are to torch ya (torture)
And nothing can protect you from these god-like forces
Look at me, I'm grown: all bars, no chorus
Storming to the gates of hell w my gasoline boots
Tough as dill's hair twists w the nappiest roots
I got a round of applause for every rat in my crew
Lie about me: get stomped or get clapped with the truth

I'm here to slaughter y'all something like yu yu hakusho
The way I make the spirit hit your body like an altar call
Can a Christian use anime properly?
Can a jersey dude just say that he's prophecy?
Oh yeah, he can do that and man, I know the future too
If he drops another tape I know exactly what'd he do
His verses' would all sound alike
Ad lib a whisper after lines
Then throw together a bunch different ways of using left and right
Met a left handed girl looking right for the rapper
We did a little (whistle) then I left right after
She couldn't write me again
No more love letters cause I left with her pen
I had the right to do it and I left at the right time
Otherwise, I'd be left dead by nighttime
Right? (RIGHT) no, left. (LEFT)
This is AClass so I can't forget the Dub
You vs. Kryciz, my G, you should've won
But you never finish nothing. You left KS in the trunk
Rapping in a library but you never read a book
All of y'all my bros and I hate to see you die
Can't wait to hear your verses. Probably some good tries
Cause those other non-entries were TRASH. Oh my god
I only got one question cause none of those were bars
Dang. And Agenius ain't hurting dudes
Too busy with real life: left the nursing home for nursing school
Giving outs prescriptions of the moon right now
Probably barking in the emergency room right now
I put on my scrubs, AGenius I'm taking your blood
All the coma patients, I know how I'm waking 'em up
AWOOOOOOO - "cause a veteran-
Can give you something clever like anime references"
I'm a dark skin poet on a night raid
With a murasame as my hunting knife
I've got 15 names in my death note
You know, just something light
Felony you ain't got bars like that
Jason Morgan's mic can't even record like that
Sounding like the only fisher price mic that made it
But if I lose to one of y'all I'm still more creative
The seventh plague is a hailstorm mixed with hell fire
Can't avoid getting hit when a blue shell's flying
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You could use the same idea, bars, and even schemes I would
Doesn't matter cause you'd still screw it up cause your d's minor
Did I. Really. Just. Go There?
Bowling 300 on these rappers: no spares
Stand inside this transmutation circle, you're a sacrifice
Otherwise, you're an after thought kill you in the after life
I don't know why but that's the way that it goes
Killing all my competition so they stay in a row
Bury Asce Blayze w my Teigu's trump card
Get it? It's an ace in the hole
Manic got bars they sound professional too
But I swear to God man he ain't a threat in the booth
You need another gimmick another weapon or two
Cause I'd hurt my throat if I did an impression of you
I hate that voice crap that you do
If you ever growl again it would be too soon
Need to face reality here's the red pill
Need to quit mashing buttons hit a treadmill
And l8ye don't think I forgot about you
I've got a message from the gato in boots
Yo soy la epidemia, la saga, septima plaga
La misma palabra la biblia que habla de Armageddon
Yo soy el campeon con hielo y fuego
I know Kryciz understands so I don't have to explain now
You can pray for mercy but your request will be denied
Never diss the Puss in Boots or prepare to die, chico

It's the matchless assassin
The captain of rapping with
Hazardous tactics murdering just for practice
On average, battling me ends up disastrous
Like yamcha getting attacked by like anyone
My trigger finger's feeling really itchy right now
And dejay garcia ain't up to scratch with this
Natsu put up the scratch and i'ma snatch it
Snap this: getting ten seconds of the madness
Raditz: name dropping just to keep the practice
Catfished: look at me, but I'm anonymuz
An anime God looking down from the heavens pointing
You ain't got potential and no
You ain't nothing special
You think you're a conscious rapper
Look at me; I'm a conscious too
You think you're otaku
Ok fine. I'm otaku too!
I woke up in a competition bumping no/idols
Now I can't sleep and I'm suicidal
I really can't respect these parody rappers
Criticize em they quick call it a parody after
It's a crutch
Those rappers only use to hide the fact that they suck
Now there's truth to every joke and I ain't afraid to share it
And I hope shiki likes taking foot longs next to Jared
They call me shiki tohno running thru the 6 with shoujos
Lemme stick to one topic. I love my loli imoutos
In a harem full of yandere sisters w open minds
Slow to tell the Feds but quick to call me onii-chan
Lovely ladies call me onii bc I'm Senpai
Better guard hermanas bc i be the Senpai
If I go to prison, you know, I'm a need a Senpai
I hope he doesn't notice me
One rapper left so I better get my aim right
Kryciz Gambino time to enter stage right stage right
You haven't even released a solo tape right
Killing spree doesn't ever spell your name right
Red eye killer, though? Akame?
LA hit you w your own sword. I guess you're still Sasuke
I done said enough. gettin back to positivity
Cause that's what the poet is, isn't he?

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