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Norty Cotto - Me or the Papes lyrics

Party people, in the place to be
From the same man, who brought you Da Bichez
(Da Bichez, Da Bichez, Da Bichez)
We were misunderstood, last time we brought you
Da Bichez (Da Bichez Da Bichez)
Now we gonna clear it up and let you make up your own mind
Like this...

[Verse 1]
Now a queen's a queen, and a whore is a whore
She felt if she made me wait I'd have more respect for her
Adore her, eventually spendin up my digits
She felt that love would make me buy her mad material shit
She likes to trick em, cause ain't nothin like a sleepin victim
East New York style stick em -- ha ha ha, stick em
Top rated game, but if it's game I played it
Underestimated, swore the king was checkmated
She claims she loves my mind, cause I'm so intelligent
But fuck my mental, she was scheming on my mint
Evil inten-tion, to de-plenish the fund
She tried to jux me with the pussy cept for, the mask and gun
I was a fool to fall in lust with this evil ge-nius
She had me by the nuts
She ain't got shit but man she loves it plush
Whippin I whip, and suckin up I canibus
Back in the days, I woulda scraped her for this caper
But I realize, it wasn't me it was the paper

[Verse 2]
Let me kick it, about the digits, that I've collected
Long distance, and disconnected, it's gettin hectic
Before my record, they didn't show it
But now they throw it, hopin that they'll get drunk off Moet
Or Cristal, but that's not my par-ticular style and taste
My name ain't herb and I ain't got loot to waste
I ain't got time to waste, bad bitches is all up in my face
Crazy ignorant, sweatin links minks and shit
Cosmetic, but deep down, derelict
Fake players, never get out the projects
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It's pathetic -- the way she bends for dividends
I tried to jewel her but she tried to get a drink at the end
Of our con-vo-sation, I did not have the patience
Slid off to the next Asian
She said, "What you do?" I said, "What?"
She said, "You know your occuptation?"
So I broke the fuck out
In nineteen-ninety-six that's what it's all about, but
I won't go that route
Back in the days Biz said it was The Vapors
But today, I realize that it's the papers

"Cause ain't no fiends comin in between me and my dreams
See what I mean black, I" -- "gets the paper"
(repeat 3X)

[Verse 3]
Now a whore's a whore, find a queen and she'll be my Earth
Respect love and protect her, for all that it's worth
I admit I have flaws, I flips it first, but deep down
I wishes to give em the universe
A lot of the ones that I thought was right wasn't
I build with Afu, he said "Don't sweat it cause they come a dime a dozen"
Like my ex-stunt, wanted a diamond
Bitches love power, while queens, love refinement
Low stress environment, old age and retirement
Never have to wonder where my money went
Where my honey went, is her back gettin twisted
By the next fella, always take heed to what I tell her
When I'm wrong, she lets me know I need correction
When I'm right she's my reflection still we, use protection
Through thick and thin, thin and thick
She's my diamond in the rough not a whore or a trick
Great expectations, of me and she buildin nation
Everything we do and skyscrapin
Back in the days, the devil used to rape her
Nowadays, he got her chasin the paper

"Cause ain't no fiends comin in between me and my dreams
See what I mean black, I" -- "gets the paper"
(repeat 4X)

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