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None - BUDD FOR THERAPY lyrics

(Marijuana Intro)

We Missing
The Budd (Sing)(Repeat)

Budd 4 Therapy

(Verse 1 - RooGz)

Everywhere I go , me see negativity
I'm spending my dough , on a real
Nice feeling
They don't understand , My Plans aren't Revealed yet
Silhouette girl , with some real tight
Like this ...
I make deadly blue kisses , niggas
Ingenuity blistered
Hindered Spirit, guides my vision
I'mma once in a lifetime , typa
Listen , to the way I'm in a sentence
This is a friend who's helpin me live
Me live man
Tryna make em see the bigger picture
Natural herb , been used over in dy
Still they try to create fiction
Dick men
Ride out , confidence swoll like op
Dope man
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I think I got some hope man
Not in the pope man
Corruption , busting The coverts

The clove Works
For me
It works for Me (Repeat)


Don't Ya Wana Know ( hold Note)
How We Live In A Place unknown
In A Field Of Grow

We Won't Let Go (Repeat)

(Verse 2 - RooGz)

Ancient medicine. Tryna help people
Get off the pills man
They get ya sleeping
Deep sleeping , with super slow breathing
Chronic breathing , its killing them
If ya takin it its killin ya
Blah , blah
Ya time has passes
You know you can't miSs these classes
If your on em
It comes with them consequences
Don't ya wana know (Repeat)


This is a RooGz show

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