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None - BluePrint Part 2 lyrics

Lights get low and these word get put together
I'm putting art together as I pluck these gorgeous feather
Cause the middle ground and basicing is really getting better
I just pray it don't change up
Like the weather
I just pray when they in my eyes that speak truth
I only speak the truth every time I'm on the booth
You send me a track I break it down to mineral
You really the beef boy I'll show you what my kin will do
The conversation always stop when I enter the room
My occupation was sweeping I used whip a broom
Grind hard or starve Just know it's coming real soon
Ambuois of stoner smoking till I hit the tombs
They left off shots and hit me it's just the life lived
It's a war in Chicago you better watch your kids
My little troopers are solider I love them like my kin

Digging tonel for riches I know the plan is gold
Life on campus is nice I'm top of the toddle pole
The answer is classified and this meeting is getting closed
Different cancer for generation shits getting cold
Judging from your actions you'll happily sell soul
And kill your mom and right hand for a pot of gold
You thought his mouth his was a lock watch that nigga unfold

Shits been crazy I don't know who to trust
Cause Friends can turn to haters like ashes can turn to dust
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I just been on my grind and some people think I'm switching up
It's some things in my life that I gotta pick it up
Lean all on the blunt with the purple potion mixi it up

I know changed since the first impression
And don't judge cause I bang Gand and I carry a weapons
These streets are like girl house you can't be go without protection
I would bow a nigga down with this smithin western
We smoke his ass like taboco up in the smoking section
I'm Michael vick throwing bullet I know them nigga catching
69th and king drive that's them boys profession
So stop the talking before we teach your boys lesson

You should know your limits
Don't ever do a drug and you don't really know what's in it
That's the reason she laying down and the room spinning
I'm started heating up I guess I got the June feeling

Back to these niggas who hating and unemployed

They Hear me knocking at the door and hate I started making noise
Always Tryna hate and disrespect the on boy

All these nigga changed up
All these nigga changed up
The game did not change us we don't switch lanes
The game will remain us

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