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[A$AP Gurj] Csc is my crew name Blacked out n gold chain Hood up n low jeans Chuck Taylor's n gold teeth b**hes on the codeine On the purpy Gettin high gettin fly Fuking b**hes since 10th grade Blacked out car with a blacked out b**h Blacked out swagger with a blacked out clique Blacked out gun attached with a blacked out knife We csc boys don't mess with right Eyes closed we floating Og we smoking, we blowing So many grams, I'm slo motion Couple b**hes on my Trojan, was a 3 sim She fukd my crew was a gang bang She was soaking, like the ocean My flow is like an explosion Yeah we csc boys, are chosen Me and my crew we mobbin What's your mother f**in problem Ain't no mother f**in stopping Got the ying yang yeah we choppin Yeah we pack it up we rippin Yeah we pack it up we blowing Yeah we high up in the clouds with goku we are flying Red eyes like satin gotta mission what we preachin Hand together we are praying Bring that trill sh** like a super sayin Only pretty mother f**er in the building With my csc crew we slayin We playin them young n***as overtaking Rolling in a dairy full of munna n***as hear our name they stutter p**y as b**h like erry other Straight out the fukin gutter Bandana'd up like the trillest mother f**er I'm a lord mother Fukn k**er Like a underground mother f**ing shredder Yeah we blacked out in a hummer [Chorus and other verses]

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