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None - Always Fly lyrics

[Prolouge black mamba] yeah young black ok yea

[Hook black mamba] ah man im flyin so high but I never ever fall so I never will die x2

[Verse1 black mamba] Ah man im only rappin one song but I want you to remember me when im all dead and gone.I use to think I was the only one to be strong but then again I could never ever be alone I set my mind but I never seen the crime, but only one could be up on my mind.I was inspired to be the great achiever unforchinly for u you couldn't do it either.See I backs it up den I put it down so long to all my fellows but I pray to God that one day you'll come down. But untill then just stay up in heaven and you'll really know what's killin.Ah man start tryin to shine cause I never thought that it would all go blind but I guess that's what happens (ha) when u try to go overrappin

[Hook] x4
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[Verse2 black mamba] Only stay high but how come u always despise only rappin to the celin killin anything in different.Only 11 but I'm still stuntin but u know its really notin.Cause everyday I come to the inerstate reppin the gang any day we go and kill a state but only one can be in the real estate.Cause everyday I be quick to catch a murder case iller on the ill but any way I stand here and proudly I'm back in out the special k so u know how it go everyday.I be eaten so they tryna take my dinner plate but I'm ahh so long to all the other days.I step back look in my backpack and what's dat? Something to read dat?

[Hook] x4

[Verse3 black mamba] oh my I'm so high let's go with th angels up to the sky so high if we fall we will just die

[Outro] yea ha

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