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Nonawes - Yeah Right lyrics

[Verse 1: HASZ]
The rap insomniac, tell me where the bomb be at
You fucking carbon copy cat
Hit the dro, take a mobbynap
I, died last year, but got the man, he brought me back
The new and improved Zooie, don't spit game, he spit a rap
Been at it for like, four lives. Bitches and riches in my foresight
Rapping out the van, it's that tour life
Yeah, bumping Slug, flannel straight buttoned up
Lyrically, you fucking up
It's clear to me, nothing but love for the maker chasing the paper
I've been, acting a fool
Just thinking of something greater, I'm vibing, I'm getting through
I'm blinded by my behavior. This the dead end, no savior
Trouble right behind me, but I'll deal with that later
Ashtray Theories in my headphones
I'm living through the dead tones, wonder when I'll get home
Cos two Vanden hoes go round me outside
Just chilling with they mouth wide, posted in the south side

Tell my bitch I gave a fuck (Yeah right)
Said I'll be outside in five (Yeah right)
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I tell my bitch I never lie (Yeah right)
I hit the weed, ain't even high (Yeah right)
Fuck that, I've stopped smoking (Yeah right)
I won't fuck my heart's broken (Yeah right)
At the dope house, the door's open (Yeah right)
Door's open, mayne. Door's open, mayne

[Verse 2: Nonames]
The most obscene shit you heard
You ain't a bitch, put your man balls to the curb
Got you swallowing every verse
Scattering your thoughts while you're babbling every word
I'm traveling, I'm imagining stabbing you at your birth
Rather be giving dick to the nurse
Ask your bitch if it hurts when she see me with my new chick
You useless, heavy to bullshit, light as a toothpick
Foot inside your ass if the shoe fit
Run up in class with the full clip, don't label me the new kid
Eat my snacks in the back, that's where my crew sit
My name Sadicus, yeah, I tie victim to my mattress
While we listening to static in my motherfucking attic
I said, "Don't motherfucking panic"
I press record and then I vanish

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