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Nonawes - THE INTRO BITCH lyrics

Who the fuck told you I was gone?
Who the fuck said I wasn't on when I came through?
Better flows, still the same dude
Keep it to yourself, man these people won't save you
I hope you break through
I hope you break bread
I'm a hungry motherfucker but I'll get fed
Counting money, counting blessings
Rolling up a dutch while my baby undressing
I'm never second guessing any expression I made
Learn a new lesson each day
Yeah, fuck what they say unless it's getting me paid
And they don't get that
Y'all better get back
Remove all the bullshit, fake smiles, and the setbacks
And fuck all the negative shit
Why we hating on these kids instead of letting 'em live
Why we killing all the dreams and every chance that they get?
The way the world spins is just making me sick

... chasing and chasing life, I'm never erasing it
Ay, for years yo I be taking
I've been fucking moving all these tracks and straight pursuing with these raps
What you doing life is-
Oh lord I been drinking
... only getting better
Treat your bitch like the tree and pass her down like a chain letter
Got the tab on my tongue, hold up I'm having fun
I'm a, I'm a breathe of fresh air so you can leave me, baby
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Ay yo, ay yo
I'm in the building killing myself
A dick for your bitch, man fuck what you felt
Nodsquad be the team and we good for your health
Taking over the world with the cards I was dealt
Like, Oh be that dude, mad brew, serving up fast food in the back room
It's nothing but taboo feelings pass through why I have to that Zoo I'm stunting ay
But I really ain't shit
Switching my colors for a paint that drips
We clutching your heart, better name that bitch
They passing that blunt, better claim that hit
We making these songs like we hurting more
Ay, pass me that chalice, I'ma pour some more
Like, fuck that shit, better run that shit
These words on my album, I'ma hold that clip

Ay yeah
Why they thinking they got it? They missing a point
Swear I was good, now I'm hitting the joint
Now I feel better
I wish I had numbers, for now I count letters
How many bottles of Henny does have to drink to really forget her?
I fell in her pussy and [?]
Woke up with a voice and a mic and that's all I remember
Like Oo We, you know who it be
In the deep end [?] Z for the name
Only chasing the heem, never the fame
Fuck with your beat
You never became what you wanted
You know that they love me cos um... I stay on the Henny
I flex on the mic cos I feel that shit fun
I'm too fresh, you rotten
I'm never forgotten like ay

(Shout out, Shout out to the homie, shout out to the homie, Shout out to that beanie that I never wear anymore and any other more
Shout out anybody listening, shout out everybody who"s pissing right now
If you pissing and listening that mean you fuck with me..)

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