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Nonawes - En La Noche lyrics

Yo, HideandSeek and you can find me on the stove top
I shook one off the Richter scale when my flow drop
My roots bout to grow off
Your whack crew gets no props
So sick coughing up the dough, the fast money round these slow cops
Ay yo, I'm best served with a bowl of blessed herb after a long night with the vomit on your dress shirt
So what your love like? I bet the mess hurts
Live life with the best perks, the murk with a mouth like Deadpool with the tech burst
You catch your breath first if you wanna run with me
See, momma told you not to fuck with me, as if I attribute to your gluttony, huh
It's really nothing to see, we exterminate these sucker emcees
I treat my mind like my keys, and lose 'em for weeks, for about my shitty routine
Some time in twenty-thirteen, found it in all of these beats
Now I walking these streets, and where my reserved seat
Just wish I knew it since the day the universe birthed me
You hate that it's the same, you're scared to make a change
Doors locked at my house, I climb through my window pane
I feel more low than a saint
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It's all gold, like the writing on my page
Let it go, my soul don't need to be saved

Yo, my subconscious wrote this, all I did was observe it
Pull up quick and I'm nervous, and steal this shit like some vandals
Kill the camp like the Germans, I'm dancing out in my sandals
Grandpa was born a terrorist giving dick to the camels, what a scandal
Why you rather be what I know handle bars
When it's dark I use the stars instead of candles
Tie your fam inside of my Lambo, put a mic inside of the trunk and use the screaming as my samples
Just kidding, you know I got a van, yo
You know that the gas low
Needa listen to me, I give you más and call it Van Gogh
When you dangle, I hope you're thankful
We tie ropes around your ankles, we'll find someone to replace you
Nonames, self proclaimed the game it's named the Noddity
Fuck your bitch then play Monopoly
She a vegan, but gets dick with a side of her broccoli
I forgot a B, got a D

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