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Nonawes - Chupas lyrics

The aliens have landed
Nonames lay down the foundation
We really in this motherfucker

[Verse 1: HideandSeekZoo]
Zoo is what god say, Gremlin and young Blazay
The, lyrical bullies, spitting flows down your hallway
Been dope as always, I [?] with setbacks
Got a mob full of goons, spittin' this motherfucking stead back
Got a good fam, I rep that
Wait until my check's fat, then call me HideandSeek 'cuz I just don't know where my head's at
Young pimp pharaoh, treat these hoes like a scarecrow
My raps become parols, your raps are imperil
I don't care though, got them rare flows that y'all try to mimic
But this shit ain't no gimmick
Reach my zen and push the limit
I know it's been a minute, It's like a pivot the way I switch it up
Trapadelic medic, with the Henny in my Dixie cup
It's looking great, now the honeys wanna hit me up
I'm way out of orbit nowadays, girl just wish me luck
Yeah, lookin' at the world like, what do I do now?
I don't stop at the feet, so I hit you with this raw style
Me la chupas on a Friday aye, aye

[Verse 2: Gremlin]
They ar-e sleeping on me like a sofa, so what
I really don't give no fucks
Kinda like when I met Bleezie
Didn't bother to keep my chote tucked
I should have now that I look back
My shit was harder than doors punch
I mean, doors handles
But it don't matter
Gotta keep it down when she shows up
Lowkey, sup girl, I like young girls but I pull sluts
They're the biggest freaks, that I get from meeks
They the same damn time like a cold cut
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Show up with HideandSeekZoo
Sup hoe, nice to meet you
They'll be double teams
Till she fucking screams and her cheeks are red like Pikachus
Slob on my knob, but I need the lube
Treating my meat, like a feeding tube
Cos I need a screw you better see it through
I'll throw a motherfucking frisbee at you (bitch)
I don't wanna repeat it, boo
I'll beat it to The Beatles
Watching Beetlejuice and even eating Cheetos with some fetal stew
But, if you're really good I'll treat you to some nasal soup
Maybe even wild wings, and you can watch me eat a few
Yeah, I'm the romantic type
And the make you panic type
Slash your tire, make your home catch on fire
That is right
Hella me la chupas on a friday

[Verse 3: Bleezie]
No chupes, None
Bleezalina in this motherfucker
Hop up in my spaceship, consume and ate the shrooms
I took each cap to the face
Why they call me Bleezie, well I really can't say
I'm clinically insane, I just make it look adorable
Sweet as pumpkin pie, I still punch a hoe in her throat though
Fucking with my dope flow, never wanted to be born broke
Yes I need that rose gold, never fucking with that 10k
I diss broke boys all day, I give hoes no leeway
Drive drunk on the freeway, I'm a minor in possession
Got fetish [?], fat pockets, and quick emissions
Me and George are on a mission, these fuckers oughta listen
We providing what they missing, just call us the missing link
From [?] my hung group, they don't shriek
That's why groupies wanna fuck me, and your main bitch wanna hug me
Me la chupas on a Friday, me la chupas on Wednesday, but seven days a week I'm turned up and feel amazing
I'm gonna roll these blunts sir, Gremlin go ahead and keep that chote tucked
Choo, choo

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