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Nonawes - Abstract Mobby lyrics

[Verse 1: HideandSeekZoo]
Well, I'm good with the rhyme
And I'm good with that flow
I came for the money and I left with your hoes
That Z double O
And you already know, I be smoking that joint
Y'all doing that blow
Your girl on my clothes, and she loving that pose
Guess that I'm on, so vamanos
See your charades [?]
I'm strapped with the bars
And you're popping those
Good, like really good
I'm chilling, laid back like I really should
Show me the good life
Man, I wish you would
Bump my shit, while I ride through hoods
Fucking woods y'all feeling 'cuz I'm talking good
Don't get it twisted or misunderstood
I really gotta, really gotta packing that wood
If you talking about grams, I'm packing that wood

[Verse 2: HideandSeekZoo]
Dumb shit like Nicki
Drunk off of whiskey
I told your girl to come get me
'Cuz I'm rolling that sticky
I'm covered with hickeys
Came in with five, leaving with fifty
And we kick it like that
Y'all taking the shine, but I'm bringing it back
In a minute flat, what kind of shit is that?
Y'all taking minds, but ain't give it back
If it fit trap that we laughing
Flow so cold, but I keep on rapping
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Hand on your bitch
So we getting it cracking, unleashing the Kraken
Zoolander be slapping
Tell me what's hannenin
I'm sipping that Captain
Fuck with that safety, you know that I'm strapping
Don't mind that I'm laughing, y'all just ain't gassing
And you can't rock the mic, better just pass it

[Verse 3: Gardeezy]
Catch me with in lot straight pulling out fire
With a fat ass spliff, we known to get higher
Call a firefighter, 'cuz we here singing fire
To a motherfucking rainforest
[?] straight dumb
Membrane gone
Drank too much, and I'm gone
Footing is lost
I keeping this [?]
Point is I'm gone
Won't be here for long
Sit in this car, fucking ripping this bong
Y'all get in the car, never reach turn it on
Blowing on this reefer, can't see me at all
My brain tripping
Your girl tripping
RP, Mac Dre, keep for a living
Kill 'em and I hit 'em with a 9 millimeter
Just sitting, playing like 5 cigarillos
You know how the saying goes
And my whole squad know that this shit don't stop
You calling the cops, i'm calling the [?]
Bros before hoes, unless it's your main hoe
Your hoe is a bitch, your bitch is a hoe

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