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Nonames - The Cypher Effect Bleezie / Nonames / LuzID / Krucial / HideandSeekZoo / Uptown Swuite lyrics

[ Bleezie ]

While im sipping on my brew I show my gla** and my pinky
Been a bada** motherf**er since I was s**ing on a binky
Now the cyphers in effect and I keep the facts in context
You try to be complex but you simple minded no contest
You aim to please the ma**es, while I aim to be established
And you claim to be the baddest but I just dont read it in your rap sheet
Your Highschool diploma versus my GED
But I can still guarantee that your a wacker MC than me
But I ain't even an MC still, sh**tin on these rap cats
Im 2Pac, you Riff Raff, you don't rap you chit chat
Breaking and entering taking the goods
Thats what I used to do back in my hood
But please do not criticize now I'm more civilized
That should be minimized hope you're insured
You f**ed up, here's the consequence, seems like you lack the common sense
Not only that the confidence but my ambiance is brilliance
Ain't what you do but how its done, I got some words of wisdom son
Houston Texas representing I just f**ed your eardrums b**h
Now I got you feeling it, bet i got you finna hit
Yo girl want even s** ya dick
But she come to Bleezie quick, so both of yall can kiss my clit
You little slut ya little trick
I re-define what Hip Hop is with just the flick of my wrists

[ Nonames ]

Im from where foos knock your breath for talkin under it
Undercla**men go under quick, undefeated the champion is
Nonames, I suggest you get yo atlas and search up the bay
Just so you faggots know where the talent is
The west coast where the best quotes arose
From Pac, NWA, d**h Row and Los
Angeles, where d**h knows no toll
We swimming in deep waters and breath stroke to hope
So let me tell you that this ain't even a contest
Its school s**as wanting a good grade, is what yo swag is
I get to gradin eliminating the average
Grapple you wack kids and your nonsense and subtract it
So let me tell you good riddance, Nonames a clown according to his appearance
Can you hear it? He k**ed the beat in the horror scene
The he k**ed the beat, I suggest you call the authorities

[ LuzID ]

Rib in every fiber of my fearing to a pulp
I used to rip up any flicker that appeared to be a bulb
He looked and then he frittered his glow glitter peered the gulp
Cuz it's like looking at kid but hearing an adult
I'll keep you in contempt, I keep you you're content
You seek you can't attempt I teach you, teammate in a tent
What's tease without a tempt, what's teeth without a dent
Silly reachin for the key you cannot leave you need consent
I may appear so patient but of course I have my cool limits
I pulled him in, degraded he had no way to seek school and it's
A test so gone outdated, I often wish i could rule a bit
Claims to know my history well I think that's some Bolshevik
Too way damn full of it, I'm to defy the tenderness
If you choose to deny my light it will be treacherous
Funny how you stutter up when you're angry I'm so effortless
If you think revenge is a form of kindness then i'm generous
No gender flips

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Get ready for war, as combatant military forces/
Prepare a martial law to turn humans into corpses/
Of course if your snoring then your willing to be hopeless/
Your beady eyes are more obedient when their not open/
Might as well be wearing forceps on your eyelids/
Despite ignorance, your hindrance is being mindless/
They violating lies*? Nah, they violating lives kid/
Don't wait until they k** your fam to dilate your iris/
Chemtrails and viruses poisoning environments/
Fluoride in your water and pollution for your sinuses/
Its useless to deny this sh**
Don't be surprised to find some arsenic and cyanide inside ya vitamins/
Applying knowledge is the key, but some people need a locksmith/
Their mind is clogged with pop culture and other nonsense/
So progress is complex; you want it then, honestly,/
Don't adopt the doctrines of a blasphemous plutocracy/

[ HideandSeekZoo ]

Hi nice to meet you, but I rather rap than greet you
HideandSeekZoo, kicking verses to your head like the pigs with sticks do
We split crews, and skip through our departure
Y'know I got them bars that are cooler than Sterling Archer
Lyrically, Im ISIS, My mind is on a crisis
I got love for those who bump me on their mobile devices
Im addicted to these beats and plenty vices
Couple sprinkles of dopeness for your choices b**h, thats what advice is
I live right but lifeless, I had to pick up the mic quick
Cos when I spit I rhyme sick, to make you really like this
So f** any rapper in the world that wanna diss me
Yo girl bumps my sh** so I stay where your b**h be
You're flowin down sh**'s creek, your sh**'s weak
I think that we can all agree that Im just the better emcee
Im the smallest of the best things, keepin the mind stress free
Tryna make the ends meet, see you on the next beat

[ Uptown Swuite ]

You must be tripping to think your crew could go bars against the southern Pasefika lyrical k**er/
Like going against a car with a bicycle/
f** it a mac truck/
You sad cunt this mad f** with the mad raps go Mad Max on rap sluts/
Crucifixion verbal hold my service/
I'm that other guy who would knock your other eye outside of your other eye/the other type/
Coming into my firehouse with a slanguage that's played and a whole fitter custom fitted with the sh** that your mom made/
This Bombay/
Uptown snap then I Bagdhad bomb drop/galvanized in c4 rythmns ring the alarm clock/
Wolf Bernard Hopkins smell the fear and then I go for it/
Movement like in fast time/
Enchanted when I fast forward/
Journey the gauntlet get strong armed by Gods army/
Hip Hop resistance the digital d**h larceny/
Larynx your text put a hex upon your snobbery/
Silver Snake slither in and outside of the armory/talking impeccable better respect the dude for I go ape sh**/
Never gon' do what you say you'll do/
Flip and give you a facelift/never tainted/
Everything bout your personal is chemical painted/
Ask me again and I'll break your fingers don't want to be of your aquaintence/
In the day of doom I wave the flag staff like who the real/
The real heads respond to it the fakers catch a bad ordeal/
SaifAllah on battfields/
Penetrate your battle shield/
Serve your arteries on a platter with a cup of the camomile

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