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Nonames - Loitering lyrics

[Verse 1: BO7V]
Uh, still screaming "motherfuck my enemies"
I'm the emcee carrying a remedy for anybody thinking that they ill, rest in peace
Nah for real we busy, please
Telling you to spit, they telling me to preach
I'll murder any one of my rivals with the vocals
Hand on the bible, dolo
And i would have my cool with me, but they busy going bolo
Any minute to hop up on a flight and have shorty take me out this polo
This picture perfect, take a photo
I'm sipping on some Henny, bumping Quasimoto
Middle finger out the window, and that's my motto
I dropped out of high school to write raps and hit the lotto and the bottle
Getting fucked up, screaming "Fuck tomorrow"
I'll burn it down with all of you, and leave your body in the Lake.. Tahoe
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Riding 'round inside a Tahoe, getting top from America's Next Top Model
And then I, and then I woke up

[Verse 2: HASZ]
Out the dungeon creeping, barely function but breathing
You want the beef, peace, or you want to sniff the west
You tripping off dimensions, I'll out rap in a second
Just, give me a second, I'm forced to reckoned with
All you selfish trash, y'all just litter on my exes

Ay yo, fuck the money
Look, I just want the happiness
I'll never die, I'll live through this music so keep on stabbing, bitch
Nonames, HideandSeek, Broken your establishment
Smoke all you motherfuckers, don't give a fuck where I'm ashing it
I'm tra

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