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Nom - The Christening lyrics

Shout out to weird though


I spit the sona, my persona is kept the donna
Smell the marijuana as a macking on the pre-Madonna
I got pissed of the notion of my promotion
'cause I flow the ocean while they hold the lonesome that's Macaulay Culkin
And as I'm blowin poe and gotta rap,
Holy smoking and probably think I'm dope
How I got you n***as overdosing
And the region of loss souls and lack lives,
We platinize, cute black guys and good kids get black guys
We never holy water baptize,
So I dare you cast us from our raptize,
Hoping my .. just pack the punch of a giant,
Still facing the tiron while you complacing the silent
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Why you listen the lion, why you afraid of the flying?
I found the letter to the letter and proceed to declimb it,
I ain't never had easy nothing,
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Been in the league and nothing's find to nine
For that new school and proceed the dumping
Anything to get my point across
Couldn't take the chance, well you never had a point to toss,
Someone on the loss, k**ing on these rap n***as,
Had trick and back flipping, trying to make my stacks bigger
In my room I'm sitting analyze the world
Trials in the tribulations of a boy and girl living in a boy world,
Just try to stay and float in a pool full of sharks
And I'm bleeding without a boat, I'm seeing what you can quote,
Pages of a touring, beyond the front door, I see inside of me gomora
On the corner like reporters just trying to cover the ..
your grills shining bright but n***a what about your orar
so when the time, my record plays
I leave a n***a ego feeling weaker than the seven days
And seven sentences I could struck Geneses
Posted in the .. I started to remember this
Time I was blind, find out with such a little gentleman
Study there's pupil from the pupils of the innocent,
Talk to my aggression and complexions one's the..
Ironically probably the only reason why you're listening
This is the christening

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