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Nom - Retrospective lyrics

It's 97 and we living in that city house and
And it's kind of city sounding but to me is so astounding
And the reason my mom's saying the sweetest things
She'd wake me up for school and she tell me that I'll be her king
And I know, I know it wasn't always easy
But you kept the table full, Power Rangers on the TV,
Never greedy all the f**ing lengths you went to feed me
Now you say your all arms just to never see me needy
And believe me I was too clean in the summer time
Daddy working double time just to get my number 9s
And if it meant working on the Labor Day
It seems he always made a way to make my f**ing natal day
Remember we war parlay through a prissy hallway
On the fall day to celebrate like all day
And in my mind I see it so vividly
Just daddy so real me such powerful imagery
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All wonderful memories
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Cause I remember where the first time I ever hit her well
Just trying to free my mind from a mental state of liver fail
See I was planning on living well
A young teen with a dream breaking free of his parental shell
I'm with my n******gs fall deep in a garage plan
Cuddy on the phone as we're living a mirage
Just feeling like we had the world right in our palms
Doing sh** that had the more sh** reciting out songs
But now I'm righting my wrongs when I'm writing these songs
I was hoping my vision get the young n******gs psyched when I'm gone
Cause see, my only plan is to inspire a squire
But my n******gs and some fool in a tire before I get up
Old expire or retire
See I got it all planned out, don't need a hand out
I'm just trying to stand out
And in my mind I see it so vividly
Even if they belittled me they can never get free of me
Such powerful imagery

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