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Nom - Moksha lyrics

You cannot define in reference to other, external coordinates
You must define yourself internally, with your relationship with a higher entity
Think of yourself as a manifestation of some higher thing, some higher frequency
This is the visible realization and you know that because you can't see atoms, can you?
You certainly can't see the forces that hold the atoms together
There, in the micro quantum world, Richard, lie the answers to everything
We can't understand it by our logical, rational minds but we feel it intuitively

My mind take a beating at a round table meeting
With an angel and a demon and the kush that I be stealing
See, I'm beaming, gleaming from cathartic release
Realizing I'm just a part of a piece, I found the artist in me
All on the beat till I fall on the street 'cause I'm out with the fleet
And deep thinkers like the Harvard league
n***as know we keep our third eye 20-20
Chilling with your honey bunny getting yummy tummy
And that's even with my funny money
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Just call it Chris Rock, this hip hop at its tip top
I'm selling sounds, zips out of zip locks
Just keep it running like I had a leak
Living my years like I had a week
So you never see me, the flow is Fiji
I be the fan among '
Pull Houdinies on the ' wicked as Luigi
Out the crib while she watching TV
We them n***as, I know you must've heard, that's put on
Crusaders for crouton, when do-gooders get do on
I'm too gone, what you on, I'm three kings, you two pawns
Your new paws get blue bars before you could ever f** with the new gods
I vocalize, broke the ties to this smoking lot
And speak about what I'm seeing through these open eyes
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'Cause round the city n***as living in hell
Finding work from a digital scale or sitting in jail
And missing they bail, pray to God, know I'm wishing them well
And their story is the one I'm on a mission to tell

Get yourself in alignment with that stuff and you beam like the sun
Yeah, man

I rep for crack spitters, college kids and trap n***as
No love for snitches or the b**hes who trap n***as
See the streets in quiet, where we live is a f**ing riot
When heart is required 'cause every day a life is expired
So f** who's the highest, we all children of the highest
Victims of politicians corrupt, political bias
In these days, my own memory is the enemy
And so we drown this misery inside a fifth of Hennessey
Tryna ease a strained brain, see, I start to feel a strange pain
Think the sh** we did just to maintain
Learn to rhyme in '99, that began the f**ing timeline
That would later lead to my divine mind
I figured I would change the world on some Pac sh**
In middle school I was writing hooks on my pop quiz
But now I'm here just tryna get in the game for spitting insane
And reminiscing on memory lane
And why y'all waiting for a person to fall
sh**, I'm just waiting for my curtain to call
And them same lil' n***as that was dirty to y'all
Bout to prove you don't need a f**ing jersey to ball
Bout to prove you don't need a f**ing jersey to ball
This be that raw, rugged sound from the underground
That raw, rugged sound from the
This be that raw, rugged sound from the underground
That raw, rugged sound from the

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