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Nom - indEGO lyrics

Gather round for the lyrical genocide
I'd rather be criticized than to fall and be victimized
All of these little guys, they epitomize, systemize
If you can't feel it, then you're seeing through the system's eyes
Wanna live like the beginning of days
As I reconsider criminal ways I know it pays
But it's hard walking miles just for minimum wage
Knowing damn well you belong center of stage
You got the spirit, well I got body, I been told
See the bigger picture like a centerfold
Literal original, first draft I been dope
See my other feelings that I invoke
Each and every pen stroke
Negative's in remission 'cause closed eyes get the best visions
And more talk but you less listen
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Making drinks out of life, lemons
So I can spill them on dark denims and light linens
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Now I'm the new jack, swinging like Mike Bivins
Just for flipping words like a trunk full of white women
This frigid world will put your heart on a gurney
So I kneel and thank the Lord in my journey
The dirty gutter that we revel in mixed with the word of the reverend
Got you motherfuckers so satisfied with settling
And the city is a barrel full of crabs
They hate to see me barrel down the ap
Tryna dim then end the pharaoh with a gap
The heroin, the pad got them mad, got bars like a carl and a half
You do the math, I have my own aero zone
In here to raise the level of your serotonin
And they knowing they can't fuck with it
Way too celibate, I'm in it to win it for the Au element
Hella bent, flowing with the mightiest, caress, lightest the chest
Always leave me with the slightest distress
I paint a vivid picture, just ain't your frame
You move fast when you change your lane
I said I paint a vivid picture, just ain't your frame
You move fast when you change your lane
Shout out to Madlib

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