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Nom - Boom Bap Shit (feat. Boycott, Wally Left, Calliko, Sly Ducane) lyrics

[Verse 1: Boycott]

Take a look through my eyes, yes I got a vision
I'm on a mission to throw Molotovs at all of these politicians
I don't obey laws often, stop your bitching
And my palms is itching
Picking up my check, I turn left on Division
Dope beats in the system, marijuana hittin'
I spit logarithms
I could tangle with an angel but I'm non-religious
Where was god at when we ain't have a father figure?
Tell me that, nigga
Forget about the past, no looking back, nigga
Trap niggas think they run the streets, man
You all a lie
I know real niggas that would eat you all alive
Yes indeed he wrote graffiti in the verse
Lamborghini Mercy, that's my urge, can I splurge?
Swerving to the curb off the herb and the protege
You know the name, dear diary
I'm tryna get dough today

[Verse 2: NOM]
Name a nigga cooler, the motherfucking ruler
With a spanish mami quick to put maneuvers on the cooler
Had the whole team out here eating like a soccer mom
While you motherfuckers is ramen noodles and Ramadan
Pull out Kohiba, Toshibas and watch me sake bomb
Cutting corners, got you running circles 'round the octagon
And I'm [?], on the beat like andale
Born to be the greatest or at least that's what my momma say
Seems you never got the indication
Middle finger to administration
Nulove syndication, no imitation generation
Mission to grind nuggets and break bread
Dope out of my mind to the point you would think that I take meds
A giant dropping jewels so hard that he break heads
So advanced he couldn't stand a chance on eight legs
Just play dead

[Verse 3: Wally Left]
Fresh off of hiatus, hi how are you?
I'm here to get the high fives and pop a hymen or two
As long as you wit' it, you ain't got to get it
Why we so gifted, he qualified to take the wise men to school
Simon insisted that I do that shit
Till it can't be done no more
Who that kid, lanky, young, but so dope
Boom bap shit? 80's? Uh, no no
2pac shit? and maybe Jay-z? Um
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I go, go off my aura, now I [?]
Can't copy my aorta, you part of it with all the artists
That they gotta compare him to
I ain't wanted, but I ain't one of them [?]
If the stakes is high I ain't a runner
I'm A1, I'm a wonder
If Jigga held you down for eight summers
Well, he gon' hold you down until they can say
He ate some of the pie
Yo, fuck a slice, I'm trying to stuff my face
Get snuffed trying to touch my plate, it's Left

[Verse 4: Calliko]
Call me messiah with tracks I murder for hire
Butane in this lighter, spitting the amber fire
To the day I retire, my time on this earth expire
I promise to get a bias opposite of these liars
Cuz I'm the truth, my records soar through the roof
Y'all ain't making no notions you sounding just like a sloot
Every record I'm loose, straight jacking me in the booth
A winner, I never lose, what the P's without the Q's
Speak of me in the news, video full of views
All because I refuse to be a [?] at what I do
Determination, overcoming the hating
They admiring my confidence, tell 'em Obama changed it
Momma said I'mma make it, finally moved out of basement
Exceeded the expectations, can't wait to tell her I made it
TGFY, nigga, nulove
309, 563, we got a few clubs

[Verse 5: Sly Ducane]
Time flash by, I'm just hoping I won't miss that
All my life I've been dealing with some riff rap
And now it's time to get back
I'm hungry so I'm fiending
Getting ready for my show though my chances look bulimic
Driving on the scenic
Life is like a [?] so I'm asking 'have you seen it?'
Till you understand the meaning that
This has got me leaning back
Put me in position, got me spitting with the meanest cats
Blowing on some greenish grass
Herbivore, purpose what I'm searching for
High up in your mind so I can refine your circuit boards
Something you can find if you look in my lines
Get rid of all the clouds just to give you some shine, uh
Too many rappers is rapping they all sound alike
Thinking that the features on their songs gon' make their album tight
If you thought that, then you thought wrong
That's why you always come last like a dot com, nigga

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