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[Intro: Nolan Razler Conn] "YO NOLAN HERE WE GOT OUR MAIN MAN MIKE MEL AND FEATURING CRAZY STEVE! WE HITTING THE SPACEBAR UP IN THIS B***H!" [Verse 1: Dave] Yeah I'm gonna' slice you and dice you and cut your head off I'm gonna' sell you on the market part by part f** you b**h I don't give a sh** I'm gonna' f**ing take all your sh** f** you up I'm gonna' take your f**ing family away from you I'm gonna' k** your f**ing dog and eat that sh** f** that sh** I'm gonna' sell it on the Chinese f**ing market Take that sh** I don't f**ing think so I'm gonna' f**ing burn down your whole house f** you c**t I don't give a f** f** your face b**h Say what? [Verse 2: Mike Mel] Like a never ending chain An impossible game All you ever gain Is when they gave you your name Day after day and time after time Like a flip of a dime They call me Bill Nye Mister sly Don't f** with me This ain't Dragon Ball Z Kai [Verse 3: DJ Dan Dangus] Baseballs footballs f** that sh** Nolan on the mic gets the b**hes quick Okay Got a mad type of flow Rolling in the Den try to lay down low When I try to rap it don't work too well Every night in my dreams Mister Tomiz and Mel Hey Brett can you buy me a pack of cigs? Before I get up on Jake and smack him sh** Rules 1 2 18 and 23 Mister Nolan Razler on the motherf**ing mic [Verse 4: Nolan Razler Conn] Check Nolan Conn suave Doylestowns Picard Warpdrive up to Mars f** green b**hes rock hard Enterprising You f**ers are realizing You can catch him But you can never jeopardize him Crazy Steve You hitting this mic? Right now Hit me Lets go [Verse 5: Swagrat] No not even trying to figure out what he said

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