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Nolan Razler Conn - Knick Knack lyrics

What the fuck do you sell?
Knick Knacks!
Where the fuck do you live?
Knick Knacks!
What the fuck do you where?
Top Hats!
What the fuck is your name?

[Verse 1: Nolan Razler Conn]
Ossifer Knick Knack a paddy whack a give a dog a bone
A yes sir yes sir I'm bringing two fat bitches home
But Poor Richard's stuck running all about the town
Talking up this little shop that sells nothing but hand-me-downs
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And upstairs stalks the Mad Hatter
Pale skin bitching and always dressed dapper
While underground scared to make a sound
We tripping on more poppy than they have in Flourtown
But trouble does abound cause hatter don't love everyone
And he especially don't love the drugs when we be copping some
What a bitch ass bum
But we'll have to pretend
Cause its his Opium Den so we have to be his friend
"Um....this goes out to....(me) fuck, I just realized I hate every single one of you. Whatever. (What how'd you get in there? Jake....)"

[Hook x2]

[Nathan Bohnel]
"What the fuck are you guys doing on my porch get outta' here!"

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