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Nolan Razler Conn - Knick Knack lyrics

What the f** do you sell?
Knick Knacks!
Where the f** do you live?
Knick Knacks!
What the f** do you where?
Top Hats!
What the f** is your name?

[Verse 1: Nolan Razler Conn]
Ossifer Knick Knack a paddy whack a give a dog a bone
A yes sir yes sir I'm bringing two fat b**hes home
But Poor Richard's stuck running all about the town
Talking up this little shop that sells nothing but hand-me-downs
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And upstairs stalks the Mad Hatter
Pale skin b**hing and always dressed dapper
While underground scared to make a sound
We tripping on more poppy than they have in Flourtown
But trouble does abound cause hatter don't love everyone
And he especially don't love the d** when we be copping some
What a b**h a** bum
But we'll have to pretend
Cause its his Opium Den so we have to be his friend
"Um....this goes out to....(me) f**, I just realized I hate every single one of you. Whatever. (What how'd you get in there? Jake....)"

[Hook x2]

[Nathan Bohnel]
"What the f** are you guys doing on my porch get outta' here!"

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