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NoCopyrightSounds - Provoked lyrics

[Verse 1: MWH]
For the love of God, I'm fucking clawed
Can't take much, these fuckers just misjudge
Don't take my kindness for weakness
My beast ain't dead, it's only sleeping
But it's starting to awake, it's gonna cause a fucking earthquake
Do you see what you did? God forbid
Y'all can't live without drama, y'all saying shit like it was a fucking honda
All it is, is "I'm gay this and I'm gay that"
Like really? You're fucking that low to start a rumour
Get the fuck outta here, I ain't got no fear
I'll beat your ass any day, so you might wanna stop
Before I drop, my whole family is fucking crazy
Start shit with me and you start shit with he
Hell I'm the craziest one, I'll pop a fucking gun just for fun
Fucking with me ain't a good idea
I'll go off like North fucking Korea and trust me
You don't want that because I'm bat shit crazy, at least as of lately

[Verse 2: Millertski]
You want a generic scenario of people provoking me
I walk up into a place and people start poking and laughing at me
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They're pointing at me because they can't see what I can see
And they think they're all so funny
Yeah well being clever doesn't get you anywhere in this fucking world
I have teachers wantin' to start shit with me because they think that they're the most normal
See, when I grew up, I learned to live to expectations
But I said fuck that, I'm just waiting for the right moment to start a riot
A moshpit, this hot shit, this that new new, that trap shit
So I learned what to do so that I can show you that you can all like me
Am I confusing you? Yeah well, I'm confusing me too
I don't understand what I'm saying, isn't that right Adam Lane?
And I'm going super saiyan on a fucking beat where I can be a breathing melody

[Verse 3: Ciber Soul]
And you see I got a destiny (a destiny)
I'm going to be the best indeed (the best indeed)
Pussy free, money spree, homes for my family
Houdini do you see me? I help the needy
So people can't say shit about me
Saying I'm a meany, meanwhile not knowing the true me
You see in reality, I'm a pal indeed
(I just don't show the true feelings, I have for the world in need
I just don't show the true feelings, I have for the world in need)

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