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No TV No Radio - It Be Like lyrics

Rollin up another blunt
I'm hi as f** so don't front
Don't stunt, n***a whatsup
Got yo b**h chillin round
Yea she in the cut
Got her face in the ground a** up like pup
While my face do a vicious head nod
Wipe the sweat off, know i make it hot, yea I'm in the spot
A n***a don't stop
Blazing till the day end
Still money makin
Leaves I be rakin
Life never fakin
Moët and Chandon sips I be takin
World got us shakin
But I'm calm as f**
I don't call it luck
I call it Destiny
It's the Child in me
I'm so wild you see
I swear that you and I would be
Together no dividin we
Ain't no lie in me
So why you hidin me
I used to think how life could be
Grew up no one likin me
Swear I couldn't get it
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Now everything I'm getting
And I'm ballin on you b**hes

It Be Like (x9)

See I got (x4)

[Verse 2]
See I get any on the rebound
Like me found love
Now I'm sittin in the car
Like put your seat down love
Relax and be my Hun
Let me eat that hun
Then ima beat that Hun
Never leave you hun
I wanna see you run
All up in yo dreams
Middle finger to the n***as
Tryna f** with the queen
Why they all tryna be?
Something that I am
So understand this f**boy
I really am the man


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