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No Limit Creation - Let's Get It lyrics

[Verse 1: NLC]
I'm on some heavy sh**, like I keep it daily
No beast in repose, can't nobody tame me
So just try me, can't nobody buy me
Up in the 7-1-5 is where you'll find me
Flashing at the door, ain't no twen-ty
Right on the guest list, NLC
And all the b**hes in the back ain't paying for sh**
Just so long as all five are staying to hit
All these haters talking, too stoned
To catch me when I'm in the zone
NLC rolling, so droned
In the club don't think I'm ever goin' home
Tell her to ask for it, hole
While all these haters wack, mole
Hustle ebb, hustle flow
But hey that's something that a real hustler already know. Straight up

[Hook: NLC]
Every night, we keep it poppin'
This party just ain't stoppin'
Reckless, we keep it rockin'
Top of the game, you know the name, gunnin' for fame, we locked in
SoCo charisma, we ridin'
While all these haters runnin' and hidin'
Get down, you know what the time is
Let's get it

[Verse 2: NLC]
Now stop! And tune into this
Never hear the sh**-talking cuz it's illegit
Me and Mikey get to rhyming and we k**in' sh**
Don't try, can't deny this is hella sick
Goin' hard in the streets of SoCo
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The scene unprepared for when this flow go
Take em by surprise and shake em out of the sky
Haters never stay fly, it's time to kick it in high
We chop it and rock it and cock it and pop it like Worldwide
Shoot for the stars with no regard what the world like
And if I don't make it and if I can't shake it I don't give a f**
We keep on rhyming, haters keep trying but there's no beginner's luck
We won't die; don't sweat it
Hopes stay high; let's get it
You can't ignore this, so open your eyes
We won't back down. There's no compromise


[Verse 3: M!key]
I'm a mac like Dre but I'm white like Miller
I don't drink bud cause I'm light and I'm sicker
I don't smoke dope, nope. But you know I flickr
Like a light at the end like when you take a picture
I got tunnel vision on the music I just do it
Cause the light at the end of the tunnel is Proof, b**h
I'm another sick white rapper so I lose it
His spirit, I just hear it and he said I could move sh**
Now I'm bout to show off
And since you go soft then you gonna get thrown off
Get it? Cause now I got the crown
I suggest you bow down before you get clowned
f** all your compliments, I'm chillin here and coppin sh**
I'm droppin kids in hoppin kicks. I pocket sh**, you're stoppin quick
My tracks are slaps, all your raps are crap. (Haha)
Get back or get me triage, stat


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