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No Limit Creation - Hail To The King lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hold up. This is evolution, a revolution in the making, cruisin' for the taking
Foreign lands, familiar hands are submittin' to the litany, and they christenin' me king
Speaking of seeking power and domination, these hours are corroboration
Don't question my directions, just respect them, there's no obfuscation
Better respect, better intellect than the average rapper, sonofab**h yaks, I'll smack ‘im
First hit's with my verses, wordplay in the voice, weapon of choice, gotta have it
Reach and grab it, this sh** is automatic, thinkin' of playin'? I'm rippin' and slayin' the haters' jank wack sh**
I'll leave you broken and fractured, you'll surely be out faster, outlasted
And every time I look around, at the world around me, and the unholy empire that I've built up
Haters are stormin' the castle, comin' in faster, lightin' the fire to keep my guilt up
So I'll take this chance to say, I don't dwell on my shame
It's just the mentality that makes my reality the world to which I lay claim
The game that they play's the hate that I slay on the daily
The rate that we prey on the weight of this pay is amazing
Naysayers and sh** talkers are preachin' to the choir, lighting the fires but they burn out
Gotta make ‘em hurt now, get the word out, pay attention to what we churn out

Oh, hail to the king
With every song they sing
Let their voices ring
Shout freedom across the kingdom and scream!
Oh, there's no question why
Haters can't stay fly
At his feet they weep and cry
Bawl, b**hes, sh** talkers and snitches are gonna fry

[Verse 2]
sh**'s poppin' off, so I turn out the lights quickly
I'm stayin' in the sober tonight so I keep a knife with me
Gotta watch my back b**h, ‘cause I'm in some bad sh**
I can't afford to get f**ed up and let that slip possibly that quick
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But if you bring the handles, King Nathaniel's gonna wash ‘em down ‘til I can't think straight
I go into elation, No Limit Creation's callin' on me, so I create
The world you see around me. Now how loud will this sound be?
Don't try to surround me, if you've found me, no matter what you can't ground me
I'm K.N.L.C. This may well be
The end, we'll see, but haters be dictatin' and they tell me
To hang it up, so I bang ‘em up, leave ‘em black and blue, whacked and bruised
Laugh, it's cool, but after school, I'ma teach you what I have to do, back at you, crack the fools
Over the head, like they drop dead, the gauntlet is hard lead in the face of haters
Players, rogue gamers, cheat codes and hacks won't fly in the space of the creators
I'm the king, brah, and he the ax-man. Try your hardest but you can't do what Charlie and Nat can
If you wanna get teased and pleased it's the kinda disease that won't show up on a CAT scan


[Verse 3]
On conquered planets, the hostages panic, when they hear my name
Haters be cringin', this fatal contingent plays no games
The fires are wretched, the empire stretches to new lengths
The armies are trained, how far can we claim with this strength?
Block out the sun, we cock back our guns. You'll be shot if you run
Infected with this presence, this battle is not to be won
By haters who poison the game, the faders' noise is insane
Instruments and toys are the same, so drop the ploys and we'll play
Already poised for this fame, we'll lift this project to new heights
We're keepers, we finders, keep your blinders, you won't see the prospects in our eyes
This creation, inspiration is only part of this life
Haters try to create it, but they fake it, and they've already lost it inside
Don't try to scare me then, totalitarian, you'll face the monster
NLC, the hell seed, with fell speed, proud of the hate I've fostered
Try to bring me down, but the king is now unbreakable, untameable
Unshakable, this beast is on the loose, it's un-fakable


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