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Starting off in 1992, No Innocent Victim took their hometown of San Diego by surprise by importing the sounds of old school East Coast hardcore to the shores of South Beach California. Under the influences of Youth of Today, Agnostic Front and Sick of it All, NIV also add their own touch of metallic, chugga-chugga guitar mix and an extra inspiration from the big guy upstairs. With being one of the few Christian hardcore bands s**ing up all the attention from those who saw the light and non-believers, their 1995 debut "Strength" was released by Rescue Records followed by "No Compromise" two years later. Several tours of North America later and a deal with Victory Records, "Flesh And Blood" came out in 1999 making No Innocent Victim the only other Victory band from California band (aside from Strife of course). ~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

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