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Nino Man - Nino Man - 2015 Doomsday Cypher lyrics

Ayo I had a great year, I done came up
When they ask who them niggas, they gon' name us
[?] but y'all talk about the same stuff
A bunch of mention niggas thinkin' they gon' stain us
So I got a mention for y'all niggas, you don't need a phone plan
Word to Ms. Piggy, y'all gon' see a nigga go ham
I was so sober, you was still makin' snow man
I was fuckin' thotties, you was lookin' for some romance
I'm a different nigga
Writin' like I sipped a fifth of liquor
Line of niggas that can flip for clippers
I hit every [?] club bumpin', tip the strippers
Or I'm on the block, puffin' on a stripper's slipper
I'ma try my best to make it out the state building
Cause word to me, I make sales in front of Sway's building
Cause I don't play, but never in the hallway
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Cause your doorman was there, you remember Jose
But anyway I was reckless
Tryna sell a thousand dimes just to get a necklace
They're sensitive like fat bitches, that ain't Precious
When the cops come, y'all break fast, fuck breakfast
I was tryna stack bricks like Tetris
Let a bad bitch come chill and watch Netflix
But don't play stupid, you know how I do
Dick in the mouth before the title
Any verse better than mine is in the Bible
For the record, I would [?] nigga like a vinyl
Fuck niggas, got my own back like a spinal
Broke on Lenox Ave, you're fightin' for survival
[?] before it's beef, I don't want no Bibles
Niggas run them packages and creepin' right by you
Niggas ain't ready for war
Nino Man, I done said it before, nigga

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