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Nina Persson - Burning Bridges For Fuel lyrics

As I ride on these rails
That's my life
Laying rail as I ride

Through this unenchanted wildwood
There be dogs
There be dust in my eyes

And oh, God knows I can drive
But I don't make the rules
I'm still burning bridges for fuel

From the ashes of those fires
There'll be heat
There'll be work to be done

There'll be new stars illuminating
My laying rails
For my daughters and son

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You've got to lose to need it
You've got to hurt to feel it
Let it go like a balloon
You've got to face the morning
You've got to heed the warning
Better get yourself to school
Or it's over

So I ride on these rails
That's my life
And I'm doing it slow

'Cause to move into a cabin
With a gun
Is not the right thing to do

For fuel
For fuel
For fuel

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