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Nina Persson - Heat lyrics

[Verse 1: Lars-Olof Johansson]
You taught me how to kiss
When we were kids
Now you come knocking at my door
After all these years

[Verse 2: Nina Persson]
Just beneath the bridge
Where we used to dance
We got drunk on cheap champagne
Then I gave you head

[Chorus 1: Lars-Olof Johansson]
You say I'm destined to be lonely
But I say free
Maybe the heat is leaking out
But the sun is shining in
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[Verse 3: Nina Persson]
You came inside of me
And then you lied
About how much I meant to you
And how you cried

[Verse 4: Lars-Olof Johansson]
I kept the gun you asked me
To throw away
And every minute since you left
I have awaited this

[Chorus 2: Nina Persson]
You said I was destined to be lonely
But now I'm free
And as the heat is leaking out
The sun is shining in

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