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Nina Persson - Feathers And Down lyrics

[Verse 1]
So you're trying to do what they did
Your friends that turn to liquid
And got lost in the sea
Now you're drowning me
With your talk of four-leaf clovers
You turn to rocks and omen
To beat the ambient harm
That is bruising your karma

[Verse 2]
Oh I wish my arms were wider
I wish that I could hide you
So you can rest and repair

[Chorus 1]
Without the blanket of sorrow
The thick and the grey
Your blanket of woe
Is so heavy and stained
And it only weighs you down
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[Verse 3]
So you thought that getting sober
Would mean your life was over
I don't think it's that bad
I don't think it's that sad
Just you sleep a little, baby
Leave the world alone and later
If you wake up alive

[Chorus 2]
That old blanket of sorrow
Could be feathers and down
Your blanket of woe
Would leave you alone
And I can love you 'til you drown

Come to me let's drown
Come baby let's drown
In feathers and down

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