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Nightcore - To my parents lyrics

I'm sorry mum and dad
I know I messed up bad
I should've
should've done
should've done better

I'm sorry mum and dad
for all the time I had
to get my life
to get my life

but I didn't

[Verse 1]
1993 you gave birth to me
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sweet little baby girl had the world in my feet
before I could even stand
cradle me in your right and left hand
a precious bundle of unmade plans
hope and dreams of bigger things
a bright future
so it seems
but the light grew a little less bright
as I grew up
and we began to fight
when I was 13
I was so damn mean
running away, had nothing more to say
then I hate you
but that's not true, now
I just don't, I just don't
I just don't know how to say

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