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Night Lovell - Dark Light lyrics

[Verse: 1]
And I come back
Niggas tryna flex
Tell me that I'm lost, and located in the back, though
Don't even wanna check
Niggas don't wanna call it a day
Approach me ain't got shit to say
Talkin' to me like you wanted to stay
When it come back around and you still tryna play
Go and break it down for a nigga
Go and break it down just a little, have love for a nigga
But they steady playin games with a nigga
Steady throwing names for a nigga one time for you niggas
And I'm goin' with my stash
Tryna make it last
Thoughts over flow like they did in the past
And with me they still tryna ask
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Fuck you wanna know bout me?
Fuck a nigga bitch off a 40oz
Shit I keep it low key
Many people sayin' that they know it
Like theres plenty of that shit I ain't see
Catch me overseas in a fuckin white tee
Bitches say Lovell man I really want the D
Niggas say Lovell man I really wanna see
You don't know bout me

Stress keeps building, blood stops flowin'
Brain got me open, gone off a potion
Stress keeps building, gone off a potion

Stress keeps building, stress keeps building
Gone off of bullshit, gone off of bullshit, gone gone off of bullshit

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