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Night Lovell - Dark Light lyrics

[Verse: 1]
And I come back
n***as tryna flex
Tell me that I'm lost, and located in the back, though
Don't even wanna check
n***as don't wanna call it a day
Approach me ain't got sh** to say
Talkin' to me like you wanted to stay
When it come back around and you still tryna play
Go and break it down for a n***a
Go and break it down just a little, have love for a n***a
But they steady playin games with a n***a
Steady throwing names for a n***a one time for you n***as
And I'm goin' with my stash
Tryna make it last
Thoughts over flow like they did in the past
And with me they still tryna ask
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f** you wanna know bout me?
f** a n***a b**h off a 40oz
sh** I keep it low key
Many people sayin' that they know it
Like theres plenty of that sh** I ain't see
Catch me overseas in a f**in white tee
b**hes say Lovell man I really want the D
n***as say Lovell man I really wanna see
You don't know bout me

Stress keeps building, blood stops flowin'
Brain got me open, gone off a potion
Stress keeps building, gone off a potion

Stress keeps building, stress keeps building
Gone off of bullsh**, gone off of bullsh**, gone gone off of bullsh**

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