Night Lovell - Concept Nothing lyrics

[Verse 1]
b**h name Alyssa, still I'm gone with no swisher
Shots of rum in the picture I take the time get me richer
Got the thot so intact, dark from ground to the cat
Made a bill from the stack this sh** got a pill for the back
Hit that b**h from the back
Say you run with the pack
Miss my face with that sh** you say that you bring the f** back
Say I'm alway so cold, told the story to know
In the facts that I say I'm livin' the north of the gold
I'm so ashamed don't run, don't you run
Thinkin that you'd end this sh** from excess to the gun
Burning in the light, from the motherf**ing sun
My ways to the stage don't you never f**ing fund
No stats, no practice, stay low, never a sh** show
Takin stacks for the snow, i take your b**h and she know
Movin' fast, through the gla**, never take it
n***as talk, never walk and i come back straight to (lacing)?
(nab)? that sh** been dead, still you down your f**ing head
Seen with (stats)? to (directs)? i go down with thots in the back
Dumb a** n***a with the (rukka)? f** around and pop ya'
No im never gonna stop her
(wept)? the part where you a (marker)?
Tell, them, my life, always, down, from, the, crowd
Never, will i, make yo, a**, down, for the, town
Layin', on the, low, face, down, in the, (bay)?
Sippin, gin, never, take, facts, to the, back
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Let's go down to my n***as, tell me b**h, don't sing it
Tell me sh** but thats counterfeit
Think im dumb cause then sh** i lit
Momma said (four figures)? make it big no (dealis)?
Walkin round', no trace of hit, takin' cash from yo dealer's sh**
Chip slow for the back show bout' ten mil in 'Lando
Paint sh** from thot sh** you call me Pica**o
n***as say that i'm wack though, f** a b**h in yo' Volvo
White meat on my plate though white sheet to my (peso)?

Already done, already done
f** you n***as, i'm already done
Already done, i'm already done
f** you n***as, im already done
Never sh** fun, run with the gun
And f** you n***as, i'm already done
Already done, never sh** fun
Already done...

Crack house sniffin' in the back though, (call)? buy shoe sh** (meg)? dough
n***as think they should plateau, come back in the same brand coat
Try me b**h if you can though, find me slick in a small boat
Touch my sh** get cut throat, walk by swift with the same note
n***a use a lie, claim you still the guy
I f** you up so quick and take your motherf**ing tie
Saying you should die, locked up in the sky
Restricted to the moves i want to make i never try

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