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Night Conquers Day - The Triumphant Night Conquers The Dying Day (Introitus Ii) lyrics

Take a deep look into the centre of your eyes
Into the vast dark abyss of your soul

Who do you see looking back at you?
Searching for purpose and reason
There are those amongst us who are lost
Searching for a leader to follow

I am at the front of the battlefields
Blaze onwards... with or against me

Eminent royalty pervades the blood of man
Dignity and pride rule in this temple of the flesh
The stars spine down the pathway igniting the flame
Gazing into the illusion of reality
Royal blood radiates
Mystified by the rise of weakness

Upon thrones that rise up high in the night
Looking down at the flickering flames of evolution

Castles and grand halls decorate the inner landscapes
The pawns cannot fool my perceptions
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Those eyes that you are yours
How is it that they cannot see further beyond?
Deeper into the chasm of the ego
Arrogant lividity claims the throne
Beares of the thorncrown weak with their martyrdom
Riddled with puzzles and labyrinths
There is no map for our own immortality

Crosses hold not the foundations of thought
Reality's the beast that mankind hath wrought
Again I ask... do you know who you are?
Lay down your shield and be slain
The bloody axe is your redemption
The seeds of man breed extinction
Ensnare the triumphant blazing sky
The search for truth begins when you die

Die with me
You will die with me
You can cry with me
Die with me again

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