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Night Conquers Day - Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival lyrics

Pour into my eyes
An electric sabbatical
Venus shines ever so bright
In the pale evening sky
The power of wisdom surges
The pulse of an ever fonder heart
Entranced by the knowledge of a lifetime
Fit to fight in a war overdue
You can never truly know me
My blood is exquisite
A labyrinth of survival
Lays waste to your vain attempts
Time is so out of phase here
In this existence where I thrive
Ego thieves weak with envy
Time shall prove truth of self
The throes of d**h are my benefit
No walls obstruct my pathway
The concept of sanity
Seems so far away
The chains that bind thee
Drag down the spiritual essence
Is the art of survival
Follow me into the night
You, too, shall awaken
Find your true self
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And abide in that essence

[Solo: Mikael]

Oh, the might of Lucifer
Pulses in my heart centre
Strength of character
Strength of mind
Leave the past behind
My hexagram is my talisman
Protector of my spirit
...warrior... god of Mars...
...Lucifer... rebellion angel
I draw a circle around myself
And ignite the flame of envy
A tyrannical majesty
Of my own worldly kingdom
Crossing streams of consciousness
To enter into my own...
Your weakness is your disillusionment
Your strength is your understanding
Question the unquestionable
Stir a mighty earthquake
Forward on into onslaught
My blood is exquisite
Your submission is your surrender
Your rebellion is your survival
Rebellion angel battalion
Never surrender, never give in
Let the bridges I shall burn
Light the pathway to my kingdom

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