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Night Conquers Day - Dream Sleep Sorcery lyrics

When the sky turns red, there's no turning back
With our eyes closed, we are under attack
The dead are rising and it's hunger they lack
A lonely wolf howling separated from his pack

The stars rain onto the earthen streams of green
Unsettling the goddess in a contemplative state serene
The candle's face is melting into something so obscene
Something is wrong with the world...

She climbs up the staircase in her desperation
The moon is truly in her eyes
I reach out my hand to pull her to safety
But I cannot find her, I only hear her cries
The stairs turn to stars, and she falls
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Unwilling denizen of this cosmic maze
Behind me a dark shape looms in the halls
Outside the sky has embraced a creeping haze

Smokefilled rooms lie still and silently
The written word prevaricates what was said
Hypnotic vertigo gyrates uncontrolled
Dream sleep sorcery stirs me in my bed
[Repeat 3 times]

The sky again turns red as the sun begins to rise
The moon is setting to the west in crimson guise
A wave of consumption and everybody dies
Beneath the veil I'm frozen, closed are my eyes...

She's gone...

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