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Nicolas Gonzalez - Pineneedles lyrics

Dude 1 kicks open the door. He starts firing. Dude 2 falls. A mist of red puff spurts from his chest. He's screaming
Dude 1 turns to The Boy and shoots him


Muffled voices can be heard but then fade. The boy seems to be alone and at peace surrounded by his true friend; Darkness. He enjoys this for what seems to be hours, days, weeks. He has no sense of the time lapse mentally but his body feels age. Sometime during the lapse his mind realizes this emptiness is no different than the one he has experienced with his friends. However, before he can question and drown in thoughts, he sees a light get brighter and brighter till it engulfs him. Suddenly he can smell something

The Boy: ...Pineneedles

The bright light dissolves and he can start to see a girl with dark long hair hovering over him. It is Naomi. She's wearing an orange t-shirt. The more he starts to realize it is her the stronger the scent of pineneedles become

The Boy: …Naomi?

Naomi gently squeezes his hand and sheds a tear with a slight smile. It's hard to deliver due to her overwhelming emotion but she delivers
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Naomi: You were in a coma

The boy begins to squint and cringe, trying to understand this

The Boy: For how long?

Naomi: Few Days. You lost a lot of blood

The boy begins to feel much pain now, but in a way the pain feels good to him

Naomi: Guess it wasn't in your destiny to die just yet

The Boy just stares at Naomi but doesn't say anything. He then shuts his eyes and chuckles to himself. Naomi is confused by this but as he squeezes her hand she reciprocates

The Boy: …Destiny

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